Welcome to T2 Arena & Event Center

Our mission is to create a significant economic impact benefiting the citizens of Orange County and surrounding areas by offering to the public year round, a multi-use building not only through equestrian events, but agricultural events and special attractions.

The 43,200 sq ft covered arena is encompassed by an ever increasing number of hotels and attractions, including the Lutcher Theatre, Shangri La Botanical Gardens and Nature Center, Stark Museum of Art, ShowBiz Cinema, SPAR Water Park, L’Auberge Casino and Airboat Rides Inc..

The T2 Arena and Event Center is a multi-purpose venue designed to host everything from meetings and community events to major conventions, trade shows, concerts, sporting events and rodeos.

Our dedicated and experienced staff is known for providing outstanding service and is ready to make your event a success.

Inquiries may be submitted by phone to 409-718-0598.